A Homepage for Hexya

After one-and-a-half year of development it is time for Hexya to go one step further by opening up to the community

Welcome to Hexya!

Hexya’s development started in February 2016 with the idea to create a business application develpment framework that would have the same unique modularity concept as Odoo, but would also:

  • Be much faster and allow for heavier business computation loads
  • Provide developer friendly API, in particular the ability to have autocompletion

Today, we have implemented almost all targeted features of the framework, including the unique models, views and controllers iterative declaration principle. We have also ported Odoo’s webclient module to Hexya, giving birth to the core of Hexya.

Future work will focus, on the one side on implementing the missing features of the framework, and on the other side on our OTH tool that will enable modules from Odoo to Hexya easily. With this tool, we plan to have model definitions translated automatically, and business method stubs created, ready for manual translation, with the original python code inserted as comments. We also plan to get views/actions/menus definitions automatically ported, as well as translations in PO files.

We launched Hexya’s homepage today to gain visibility in the community. We welcome contributors to help us with the big challenge of creating a full featured ERP, and in particular in porting business modules from Odoo to Hexya.

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